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By on Oct 28, 2015

I’m going to tell a story today.  I think it will be the beginning of a tiny little series on being known by God.  They Lord has been pressing on my heart consistently from Deuteronomy 34:10 “…Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face”—one small descriptive written about Moses after his death.  What an identity!  Identity statements always make me stop a while and think, but this one has forced me to stand still…to linger.   So to start… A story.   He walked through the living room of our tiny house.  It was Saturday morning and Tom & Jerry cartoons were playing in the background of a kitchen that still smelled like pancakes.  I hopped up from my chair, hands still sticky from syrup trying to pull back hair that hadn’t yet seen a brush. I followed after him like a puppy.  Today was my favorite day of the week. It was the day when my daddy was home from work, I was home from...